Cheering for the Underdog:
A Rescue Dog's Quest

Rescue dogs deserve second chances. Unfortunately, not all of them are so fortunate.

Sofie introduces you to her friends and describes the path that lucky rescue dogs follow: from their arrival in a shelter, to being nurtured by caring foster parents, and finally finding their perfect spot in a forever home. There is a lot to learn for the reader along the way.

By reading this book together with your children, you and Sofie educate future responsible dog owners and lead to the savings of more dogs.

Sofie is a rescue dog with a quest: when she was lucky enough to be adopted and given a second chance, she knew that she had to help her friends also find their forever homes. Follow along as Sofie introduces you to some amazing dogs and explains how they get to shelters, how they are cared for there, how dogs are placed, and what a perfect home looks like. There are many ways you can support the underdog fight.

The sales proceeds are donated to the Boston dog rescue organization "Last Hope K9 Rescue".

Illustration by Justo Borrero. More information about Justo here.

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"An educational and entertaining read for dog lovers young and old, from author Alexandra Bach-Weidmuller

Written from the perspective of Sofie, a cross-breed, rescue dog, Cheering for the Underdog: A Rescue Dog's Quest, is an excellent read for dog lovers, young and old. Sofie had a difficult start in life. Her mother was abandoned at a rescue shelter when she was pregnant, and Sofie and her ten siblings nearly didn’t survive. Sofie was fortunate that she was rescued and adopted into a loving family, but not all dogs are so lucky. Sofie introduces us to many of her canine friends, including Joy the labradoodle, Roxy the pitbull, and Riley the boxer.

Each dog has their own story and journey to the shelter. Each dog is waiting for their forever home. The author does a fantastic job at bringing their unique personalities and stories to life, in a thought provoking and engaging way.

The book is both educational and entertaining. It includes lots of interesting facts about dogs, different breeds, rescue shelters, responsible dog ownership; and it provides additional resources for those who want to explore the topic further. The book is a great family read and ideal for anyone considering adoption, or for those who want to learn more about responsible dog ownership.

Beautifully illustrated by Justo Borrero.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

‘An essential and enjoyable read for anyone considering canine adoption. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’”

~ Readers' Choice Book Awards, July 2021

"Alexandra is a committed volunteer with an immense passion for dog rescue. She has captured the hard work of rescue organizations and why rescue work is so important. This book accurately portrays the uphill battle of a rescue dog and the time pressure rescue dogs face. She has captured this journey and ways to support dog rescue in a fun educational way that is a valuable tool to help teach children what it means to be a responsible dog owner.”

~ Marie Collins, Assistant Director, Last Hope K9 Rescue

Every year hundreds of thousands of dogs — the abused, the abandoned, the neglected, and the lost — are in desperate need of forever homes where they will be loved and valued. Any hope of finding a more permanent solution to this chronic problem begins with education, especially of the younger generation. Enter “Cheering for the Underdog”, shot through with lessons of compassion and caring.”

~ Peter Zheutlin, author of “Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs, and a Million Miles of the Last Hope Highway

“This book is FILLED with so much information on not only Rescue Dogs, but dogs in general! Following Sofie’s journey throughout the book really pulls the reader in. The book not only teaches readers about specific dog breeds, but also reminds us that each breed has very specific requirements. Even dogs with special needs are adoptable and need love. All schools for all ages would benefit from supplying this book to students and teachers. The lessons taught in this book are lifelong lesson for everyone of any age! I highly recommend this book for anyone, but especially for the classroom!”

~ Babe Free, Lead Stuttgart, Rescue Road, AR

"Humane education plays such an important role by helping young students understand their connection to animals, people and planet earth. Cheering for the Underdog: A Rescue Dog's Quest poetically illustrates how every dog is different and may require special care, but how all are deserving of our unconditional love."

~ Tara Lenehan, Education Coordinator, RedRover Readers program

“A great story explaining the adoption process, suitable for dog lovers of all ages. Alex describes some of the reasons why dogs arrive at shelters, the role of shelters and fostering in a dog’s survival, the importance of identifying a dog’s unique needs and placing them in a just right home, and life for dogs after adoption. Alex has deftly woven dogs’ own stories amongst the factual information, told in the voice of her own dog Sofie, on behalf of her friends. Combined with the beautiful illustrations, the dogs’ own stories will appeal to young readers. I can’t wait to read it to my class of 5th graders!”

~ Claire Hunt, Ph.D., 5th Grade Math & Science Teacher, Marblehead Community Charter Public School